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Statement of the Registrar concerning the contract of employment of a defence investigator

On 16 July the Registrar of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda decide that the contracts of certain investigators employed by defence counsel would be suspended or would not renewed. That decision was taken in order to prevent abuse of the Tribunal’s legal aid scheme and to protect the integrity of its judicial procedures.

Mr. Aloys Ngendahimana, an investigator in the defence team of Ferdinand Nahimana was affected by that decision since his name appeared on a list of persons suspected of genocide (Category1) drawn up by the Rwandan judicial authorities and an investigation aganst him was opened by the Public Prosecutor of Gikongoro.

Reliable additional information has shown that there is a possibility that the defence investigator and the person under investigation by the Rwandan authorities are namesakes.

At present the information available to the Registrar is not such as to confirm that the person sought by the Rwandan authorities is in fact the investigator from Ferdinand Nahimana’s defence team.

The decision not to renew Mr. Ngendahimana’s contract is therefore rescinded.

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