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Roundtable Discussion on International Cooperation

The Prosecutors of the ICTR, ICTY, SCSL, ECCC, ICC and representatives from national prosecuting authorities, NGOs and civil society met in Arusha, Tanzania from 26 – 28  November 2008.

Together they renew their commitment to actively collaborate with one another to ensure that there are no gaps in the struggle against impunity, that no safe havens remain for suspects of international crimes, and that any work left over from the mandates of the international tribunals is efficiently undertaken by national systems.

To ensure this, they commit themselves to taking the necessary steps to :

  • Encourage Member States to proceed with the incorporation of international crimes within domestic legislation;
  • Encourage Member States to harmonise their respective national Rules of Procedures and Evidence with those of the international tribunals when dealing with international crimes;
  • Pursue the establishment of a universal framework for extradition in respect of international crimes;
  • Establish a network of international prosecutors, national prosecuting authorities and NGOs to facilitate interaction, exchange of information and sharing of best practices;
  • Establish a regime for the protection and support of victims providing not only physical protection, but also medical and psychological support.  Such a regime should continue to operate after the closure of the ad hoc tribunals;
  • Recommend to national prosecuting authorities to integrate gender-based crimes into their strategy for the investigation and prosecution of international crimes;
  • Establish a mechanism for national prosecuting authorities to secure timely and effective access to the information resources of the international tribunals upon their closure.

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