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Trial of Nshogoza Commences

The trial of Léonidas Nshogoza, who is charged with contempt of the Tribunal and attempt to commit acts punishable as contempt of the Tribunal began today before Trial Chamber III composed of Judges Khalida R. Khan, Presiding, Lee G. Muthoga and Judge Aydin Akay. Nshogoza was former investigator for the Defence during the trial of Prosecutor v. Jean de Dieu Kamuhanda.

In its opening statement, the Prosecution told the Trial Chamber that much as the case was simple but the charges were very serious because it involves an attempt to pervert justice in a genocide case and interfering in the administration of justice.

The Prosecution added that it would bring forth evidence showing that the accused committed the offences with intent to fabricate additional evidence and procure false statements for use in support of the appeal against conviction and sentence of Jean de Dieu Kamuhanda. The Defence will make its opening statement at a later date.

Nshogoza is charged on four counts with: count one and two; contempt of the Tribunal; count three and four; attempt to commit acts punishable as contempt of the Tribunal. He was born in 1961 in Rukeri, Kiyumba Muhanga province in Rwanda.

Léonidas Nshogoza voluntarily surrendered to the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) at its seat in Arusha, Tanzania on Friday 8 February 2008 and was immediately placed under ICTR custody and transferred to detention.

The accused is assisted by Defence Counsel Ms. Allison Turner while Mr. Paul Ng’arua is leading the Prosecution team composed of Mr. Abdoulaye Seye Appeals Counsel, Dennis Mabura and Mrs. Marie Ka both Case Managers.

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