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Trial of Georges Anderson Nderubumwe Rutaganda resumes before the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda

The trial of Georges Anderson Nderubumwe Rutaganda, which was adjourned on 27 May 1997, resumed today, Monday 9 June 1997, before the Trial Chamber composed of Judges Laïty Kama, Lennart Aspegren and Navanethem Pillay.

This trial, which began on 18 March 1997, was adjourned due to the ICTR's fourth Plenary Session, which was held at the seat of the Tribunal in Arusha from 2 to 6 June 1997, and brought together all the Judges of both Trial Chambers as well as those of the Appeals Chamber.

Today's proceedings were devoted primarily to the examination of prosecution witness "E". The trial of Georges Anderson Nderubumwe Rutaganda will continue in the coming weeks with the hearing of other prosecution witnesses.

Georges Anderson Nderubumwe Rutaganda is accused of genocide, crimes against humanity, serious violations of Article 3 common to the Geneva Conventions and Additional Protocol II for acts which he allegedIy committed in Kigali-city and Gitarama Préfectures between April and June 1994.

Georges Anderson Nderubumwe Rutaganda was arrested in Zambia on 10 October 1995 and transferred to the Tribunal's detention facility in Arusha on 26 May. His initial appearance took place on 29 May 1996, and he is being defended by Mr. Luc de Temmerman (Belgium) and Ms. Tiphaine Dickson (Canada).

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