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Trial of George Rutaganda to resume on Monday 25 May 1998

The trial of George Anderson Nderubumbwe Rutaganda, a former Businessman and Vice-President of Interahamwe, adjourned on 16 April 1998 due to health problems of the accused, will resume on Monday 25 May 1998 before Trial Chamber 1 with the testimony of Prosecution witnesses.

A medical practitioner had on 8 May 1998 recommended that the accused rest for a further two weeks before he resumes appearance in Court, depending on the stability of his condition. Twenty-five prosecution witnesses have so far testified in the case.

Rutaganda is charged with Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity, and Violations of Article 3 Common to the Geneva Conventions.


Defence requests appointment of new Lead Counsel in Ntakirutimana's case

Trial Chamber 1 today dismissed a Defence motion seeking to grant appointment to Mr. Ramsey Clark as Lead Counsel and the reassignment of Mr. Loomu-Ojare as Co-Counsel in the case of the Prosecutor vs. Gerard Ntakirutimana, a former Medical Officer, and another.

The Chamber ruled that Mr. Loomu-Ojare remain as Lead Counsel and in light of the gravity of the case the Registrar should appoint a Co-Counsel for the accused.

Mr. Loomu-Ojare has been the Lead Counsel since 2 December 1997 when Ntakirutimana initially appeared in court to answer charges against him.

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