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Three new indictments and four suspects remanded in custody

The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, sitting as Judge Tafazzal Hossain Khan, reviewed on 20 June 1996 three indictments submitted by the Prosecutor and transmitted by the Deputy Registrar, Mr. Hugues Vérita.

These three new indictments refer to six persons alleged to be responsible for the following crimes: genocide, crimes against humanity and violations of Article 3 common to the Geneva Conventions.

The Judge decided that the Prosecutor had a prima facie against the six suspects and he confirmed the indictments. He also issued warrants of arrest for the suspects.

In addition the Judge granted the Prosecutor's request for an order of non-disclosure to protect the identity of witnesses.

Furthermore, granting another request made by the Prosecutor, the Tribunal, sitting as Judge Lennart Aspegren, decided that: Théoneste Bagosora, Ferdinand Nahimana, André Ntagerura and Anatole Nsengiyumva who were represented by a defense counsel, should continue to be remanded in custody for an additional period of 30 days as of 17 June 1996. These four accused have been detained in Cameroon since March 1996. On 17 May 1996 a court order was issued for their transfer from Cameroon to the Tribunal's Detention Unit in Arusha. This order is still valid today. The Tribunal took this opportunity to remind the Government of Cameroon of its obligation to transfer the four suspects to the Tribunal's Detention Unit in Arusha.

The Registrar, Mr. Andronico O. Adede, was requested to notify the Tribunal's decision to the Government of Cameroon and to inform the Governments of the Kingdom of Belgium and of Rwanda.

The Tribunal notes that the Government of Cameroon has been cooperative and is willing to consider favorably the Tribunal's request to transfer the suspects to the custody of the Tribunal in Arusha.

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