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Statement of the Registrar of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, Dr. Andronico O. Adede

A meeting was held today between the Government of Rwanda and officials of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR). There was a full and productive discussion on future cooperation between Rwanda and the ICTR.

The Prosecutor informed the Government that he will be seeking from a Trial Chamber an order requesting the authorities of Belgium to defer to the Tribunal their investigation and prosecution against Colonel Théoneste Bagosora. Appropriate warrants of arrest and transfer will be sought in due course in respect of Colonel Bagosora and other of the suspects in detention in The Cameroon.

The officials of the ICTR agreed with the President of Rwanda and his colleagues that it was essential also for justice to be brought to the people of Rwanda by the prosecution before the Rwandese Courts of persons responsible for the genocide of 1994.

Acting on the advice of the Government of Rwanda and with due respect to the wishes of the families of the deceased, no further mass graves will be exhumed by the Office of the Prosecutor. The Prosecutor is satisfied that this decision will not prejudice the bringing to justice of the persons responsible.

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