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Rwandan Civil Society Group Visits Tribunal

To strengthen the cooperation between the Rwandan Civil Society and The Tribunal in what is called “appui judiciaire to the Rwandese” a group of sixteen members representing several civil society organisations in Rwanda, has been invited to get first hand information on the work of the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda in Arusha, Tanzania.

The visit started on Monday 21 and ended on 25 November 2005. The following associations were involved:

CCOAIB (Conseil de concertation des organisations d’appui aux initiatives à la base) ; Pro femme, (Pour la promotion de la femme) ; CLADHO (Collectif des ligues et associations des droits de l’homme) ; IBUKA(Association des rescapés du génocide) ; IMBARAGA (Syndicat des agri–éleveurs) ; ARIPES (Associations Rwandaises d’institutions Privées d’enseignement supérieur) ; AVEGA (Association des veuves du génocide Agahozo) ; ASOFERWA (Association de solidarité des femmes Rwandaises) ; HAGURUKA (Association pour la Défense des droits de la femme et de l’enfant) ; ASF (Avocats sans frontières) ; LIPRODHOR (ligue Rwandaise pour la Promotion et la défense des droits de l’homme.) ; LDGL (Ligue des droits de la personne Dans la région des Grands Lacs) ; CGP (Cellule de Gestion de Projet « Soutien a l’Etat de droit ») ; CDDH(Centre Danois des Droits de l’Homme)

During the visit the group, held meetings with the President of the Tribunal Judge Erik Møse, the Registrar Mr. Adama Dieng and the Prosecutor Mr. Hassan Bubacar Jallow. The group also held discussions with several senior officials of the Tribunal. They discussed a number of issues pertaining to the Completion Strategy and to the current challenges.

Also discussed was cooperation between the ICTR and the civil groups in Rwanda.

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