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Prosecutors of International Criminal Tribunals Call for Full Cooperation

The Fifth Colloquium of Prosecutors of ICTR, ICTY, SCSL, ECCC, ICC, STL issued today a final declaration after the three day colloquium entitled “International Criminal Justice: Lessons from the Past, Reflections on the Future”, organized by ICTR Prosecutor in Kigali. The final declaration was unanimously adopted by the participants in presence of Judge Dennis Byron President of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR).

Speaking at the plenary closing session, President Byron expressed the need for the ad hoc tribunals to share experiences and capacity building knowledge. “The Ad hoc Tribunals have contributed to the building of ICC” said President Byron. He congratulated Prosecutor Jallow and the participants, and also paid tribute to the Rwandan Government for hosting the colloquium.

During the three-day Colloquium, the participants held discussions on matters related to the future of the International Criminal Justice, international cooperation, exercise of Universal Jurisdiction and options and implications for post-Tribunal Residual Mechanisms. They also reflected on the future of International Criminal Justice. The participants also visited the Gisozi and Murambi Genocide Memorial sites.

After reiterating their common concern on the fight against impunity in respect of law, respect of human rights and evaluation of the necessary environment for the maintenance of peace and stability, the Prosecutors call upon the states:

  • To ensure that their Legal systems and other regional Legal arrangements to which they are party have the jurisdiction and the capacity to effectively prosecute international crimes or to extradite suspects of such crimes;
  • To provide full cooperation to all the International Criminal Tribunal and to execute all requests and orders for assistance from the Tribunals including the arrest of all fugitives indicted by them;
  • To seriously consider the adoption of a convention on the Suppression and Punishment of Crimes against Humanity;
  • That have not yet done so, to become party to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC) and cooperate fully with the court in the execution of its mandate.

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