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The Prime Ministers of Uganda and Tanzania visit the ICTR

His Excellency Kintu Musoke, Prime Minister of Uganda, and His Excellency Frederick Sumaye, Prime Minsiter of Tanzania, visited the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) late afternoon on Friday, 4 April 1997. They were accompanied by a large delegation comprising numerous Ministers and Principal Secretaries. Among the Ugandan dignitaries were the Minister of State for Trade and Industry, Hon. Dr. Abel Rwendeire, and the Minister for Natural Resources, Hon. Gerard Sendawula, while the Tanzanian side included Hon. Mohamed Seif Khatib, Minister of State in the Prime Minister's Office.

The delegation was welcomed by Judge Laïty Kama, President of the Tribunal, together with Judges Yakov Ostrovsky, Vice-President, William Sekule, Presiding Judge of Trial Chamber II and Taffazal H. Khan.

In a brief meeting with the Judges, the Prime Ministers reiterated the support of their respective Governments for ICTR, and were interested in knowing whether ail the trials could be completed before the Judges mandate comes to an end in June 1999, The delegation then visited the courtroom in the company of the Judges before taking its leave.

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