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Press Statement by Ambassador Williamson

United States Ambassador-at-Large for War Crimes Issues Clint Williamson, visited the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) from 7 to 8 March 2007. Ambassador Williamson met with multiple ICTR officials including President Eric Møse, Prosecutor Hassan Jallow, and Registrar Adama Dieng.

The discussions held were extremely fruitful and Ambassador Williamson is encouraged by the current progress of the Tribunal, particularly its efforts to complete trials in a timely fashion.

He reiterated the U.S. Government’s position that ICTR fugitives must face trial. It is crucial that Félicien Kabuga, Protais Mpiranya, and other fugitives understand they cannot simply outlast the Tribunal and escape justice.

Ambassador Williamson pledged continued U.S. support for the Tribunal and the willingness of the US Government to do all it can to apprehend ICTR fugitives and help the Tribunal to complete its work successfully.

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