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Nchamihigo Trial to Begin on 25 September 2006

The trial of Siméon Nchamihigo, 46, former Deputy Prosecutor in Cyangugu prefecture is to begin on 25 September 2006. The date was set during a status conference today presided by Judge Charles Michael Dennis Byron.

Nchamihigo had earlier pleaded not guilty to an amended indictment charging him with four counts of genocide, murder, extermination and other inhumane acts as crimes against humanity. In the new indictment the charge of crimes against humanity has been split into two counts, murder and extermination. The charge of violations of the Geneva Conventions has been redrawn and replaced by the count of other inhumane acts.

The accused, who was also Secretary for the Coalition pour la Défence de la République (CDR) in Cyangugu prefecture in 1994, is alleged to have been responsible for planning, instigating, ordering, committing, or otherwise aiding and abetting the killings of Tutsi in his prefecture.

In the new indictment read before Judge Byron Nchamihigo is alleged to have ordered or instigated one Interahamwe to kill one Tutsi by covering him with his own mattress, poured fuel into the mattress and burnt him. Nchamihigo is also said to have ordered or instigated Interahamwe to kill members of one Tutsi family by burning them in their own car.

The accused first appeared on 29 June 2001. He was charged with three counts of genocide, alternatively complicity in genocide, extermination or alternatively murder as a crime against humanity, and violations of the Geneva Conventions.

Nchamihigo was arrested in Arusha, Tanzania on 19 May 2001 and transferred to the Tribunal's Detention Facility on 25 May 2001. The accused was represented by Denis Turcotte from Canada while the Prosecution was represented by Alphonse Van, Senior Trial Attorney and Adama Niane, Trial Attorney.

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