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Motions Filed in the Cases of Col. Bagosora and Mr. Ntagerura

The ICTR Trial Chamber 2, composed of Judge William Sekule (Presiding), Judge Laïty Kama, and Judge Tafazzal Khan on Friday 27 June 1997 held two sessions in the cases of Colonel Theoneste Bagosora and Mr. Andre Ntagerura.

During the first session, the Chamber granted a request from the accused Colonel Bagosora to replace his Counsel Mr. Benjamin Ondingui. The accused had argued that he had lost confidence in his Counsel because of his lack of cooperation.

The Chamber ordered the Registrar to find another Counsel for the accused. The case was postponed to a later date to be fixed by the Tribunal.

In the case of Mr. Andre Ntagerura, the Chamber granted a motion filed by the Prosecution for measures to be ordered for the protection of its witnesses. It also ordered that the Prosecution disclose the names and identity of the witnesses to the Defence in good time to enable it prepare its Defence case.

Hearing of a preliminary motion from the Defence, in the case, was adjourned to a later date, to be fixed by the Tribunal, to give the Judges time to study the same.

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