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Military I Trial Case Closed

On 18 January 2006, the Defence presented their final witness in the case known as “Military I,” involving four former high ranking military officials. The case was heard before Trial Chamber I of the ICTR.

The accused in this case are: Colonel Théoneste Bagosora, former Director of Cabinet in the Rwandan Ministry of Defence; General Gratien Kabiligi, former Chief of Military Operations in the Rwandan Armed Forces; L ieutenant Colonel Anatole Nsengiyumva, former Commander of Gisenyi; and Major Aloys Ntabakuze, former Commander of Kanombe Paramilitary Battalion in Kigali. They are jointly charged with genocide, crimes against humanity, and serious violations of the Geneva Conventions and the Second Additional Protocol.

The Prosecution closed its case on 14 October 2004, after presenting 82 witnesses. The Defence commenced its case on 11 April 2005 and finished on 18 January 2006, after offering testimony by 160 witnesses. The Military I case is one of the five multi-accused trials at the ICTR. The conclusion of this trial is an important step in the Tribunal’s Completion Strategy.

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