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Kalimanzira Trial Begins

The Trial of Callixte Kalimanzira, former Acting Minister of Interior of Rwanda in April and May 1994, began today before Trial Chamber III composed of Judges Dennis Byron, presiding, Gberdao Gustave Kam and Vagn Joensen.

The Prosecution led by Christine Graham told the court that it would present evidence proving that the accused wielded power, authority and influence which he consistently abused during the 1994 genocide in Rwanda.

She added that the prosecution will call different categories of witnesses, including victims, co-perpetrators and observing by-standers to prove its case. “As you will hear, some of these witnesses are victims of genocide, whilst others were used by the accused Kalimanzira as tools to implement his genocidal plan.”

Kalimanzira on 14 November 2005 pleaded not guilty to three counts charging him with genocide, in the alternative complicity in genocide, and with direct and public incitement to commit genocide. The accused is alleged to have coordinated efforts to commence the killing of Tutsis in Butare prefecture, where Tutsis had not been subject to widespread attacks between 6 April and 19 April 1994.

The Tribunal took custody of Kalimanzira on 8 November 2005 when the accused surrendered to Tanzanian authorities in Arusha. He is represented by Counsel Arthur Vercken and Co-Counsel Anta Guisse.

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