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Judge Erik Møse Re-elected President of the Tribunal

At the Judges’ annual Plenary Meeting of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) on Saturday 21 May 2005, Judge Erik Møse (Norway) was re-elected as President of the Tribunal for a second two-year term. Judge Arlette Ramaroson (Madagascar) was elected Vice-President. She succeeded Judge Andrésia Vaz (Senegal), who did not seek re-election.

Judge Møse was first elected President of the ICTR in May 2003 after having been its Vice-President since May 1999. He is also Presiding Judge of Trial Chamber I. Before taking up his functions in Arusha, he was an Appeals Court Judge in Oslo and previously a Supreme Court barrister.

Judge Ramaroson became a Judge at the ICTR in May 2001. She has since served as a member of Trial Chamber II. Prior to joining the ICTR, she was the President of the Criminal Division of the Court of Appeal and Acting President of the Supreme Court Criminal Division in Madagascar.

The ICTR has delivered judgements involving twenty-five accused, of whom twenty-two were convicted and three acquitted. Trials involving twenty-five persons are currently on trial.

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