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Jean-Paul Akayesu: closing arguments by the Defence adjourned to tomorrow, 26 March 1998

The final submission by the Defence, in the case of The Prosecutor vs Jean-Paul Akayesu, which was scheduled for today has been adjourned to tomorrow, 26 March 1998, following a request by the Defence Counsels Nicolas Tiangaye (Central African Republic) and Patrice Monthe (Cameroon). The case is before Trial Chamber 1 composed of Judge Laïty Kama, presiding, and Judges Navanethem Pillay and Lennart Aspegren.


Lt. Samuel Imanishimwe: Preliminary Motions by the Defence Heard

Trial Chamber 2, composed of Judge William Sekule, presiding, and Judges Yakov Ostrovsky and Taffazal H. Khan today heard preliminary motions filed by the Defence in the case of The Prosecutor vs Lieutenant Samuel Imanishimwe, for the severance into several indictments of the charges currently brought against the accused. Hearing of the motions will continue tomorrow. Two more motions filed by the Defence, for separate trials and for Definition of Facts, will also be heard before the same chamber tomorrow, on 26 March 1998.

Lt. Imanishimwe, former Commander of Cyangugu Barracks in the Rwanda Armed Forces, is charged with genocide, conspiracy to commit genocide, crimes against humanity, and serious violations of Article 3 common to the Geneva Conventions and of Additional Protocol II thereto. He has pleaded "not guilty" to seven counts, and is defended by Counsel Marie Louise Mbida Kanse Tah and Georges So'o both from Cameroon.

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