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ICTR Launches New Website

The Registrar of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) Mr. Adama Dieng today launched the new Web site of the Tribunal. “The website is a vital extension of the ICTR, and represents a unique platform from which ICTR can state its mission and objectives, and showcase its accomplishments in the important pursuit of the fight against impunity”, said the Registrar, when opening the new site.

The new ICTR website is geared at meeting head-on the challenges relating to effective information dissemination, facilitating the completion of the Tribunal’s work, and establishing an information platform for the legacy of the Tribunal.

The website has been revamped in order to keep pace with the latest technical developments in the area of Information Technology and Information Processing.

This refurbishment has modified the website to include, amongst others:

  • An information portal for the ICTR, with a higher information capacity and capability to disseminate more information
  • A lay out format that is visually appealing
  • An enhanced capability to search and retrieve valuable information
  • An improved navigation capability
  • An overall presentation of the ICTR with a more professional image

The original website will run concurrently with the new one for a transitory period of three months.

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