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ICTR to Host Closing Events in December 2015

To honour the many victims of the genocide and mark the completion of the ICTR’s mandate, the ICTR will host a series of events including a formal closing ceremony at its headquarters in Arusha, Tanzania in December 2015.  The closing ceremony will be held on 1 December 2015 and will feature brief remarks from high-level officials of Tanzania, Rwanda, the UN, the ICTR and the ICTR Staff Association.

In addition to formal speeches, the closing events will feature the launch of several legacy projects, including the completed ICTR Legacy Website, and compendium of legacy papers.  The Legacy Website will provide a user-friendly platform for easy access to all ICTR cases and other legacy materials. The compendium will be comprised of approximately 40 papers presented by leading practitioners at the ICTR’s 2014 20th Anniversary Legacy Conference on topics ranging from promotion of trial rights, case management, judgement drafting, evidence assessment, and witness protection. 

A special exhibition of major milestones in the ICTR’s fight against impunity will also be on display during the events.  In addition, a permanent UN-ICTR Peace Park will be unveiled in Arusha city to commemorate the Tribunal’s work and its many contributions to the local community. Other events include the launching of a book containing a collection of essays written in honour of the Prosecutor, and a Prosecutors Round Table Conference.

The Tribunal is inviting all former ICTR staff members, interns, and defence counsel to attend these historic events.

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