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ICTR Exhibition: Challenging impunity (Geneva, 17 March – 04 April 2003)

Under the aegis of the Director General of the United Nations Office in Geneva, the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR), in collaboration with the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, will hold an exhibition in Geneva (Palais des Nations), Switzerland, from 17 March to 4 April 2003. The overall programme, conducted under the theme of “The ICTR: Challenging Impunity”, is part of the Tribunal’s Outreach Programme that has been initiated in Rwanda and in the Great Lakes Region. The Exhibition is intended to inform the public of the Tribunal’s progress.

Two round-table discussions will also be held. The ICTR’s Registrar, Mr. Adama Dieng, will take part in a discussion on “The contribution of the ICTR to the implementation of international criminal law” on 18 March 2003, from 19:00-22:00 (Université de Genève UNI BASTIONS, 3 place de l’Université 1211 Genève 4 salle B 106). The following day from 13:00-15:00 at Palais des Nations, Room XX, the President of the ICTR, Judge Navanethem Pillay, will contribute to a discussion entitled, “Impunity, national reconciliation and protection of victims and witnesses.

Other participants include Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda and the International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia, Ms. Carla Del Ponte; Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mr. Bertrand G. Ramcharan; Heads of diplomatic missions; legal practitioners and various representatives from the academic realm.

A press conference will be held on 17 March from 16:30-17:45 at the Press Room III, Palais des Nations, Geneva. A screening of the film “Justice Today Peace Tomorrow” that features the work and accomplishments of the Tribunal will take place on 18 March 2003 from 13:00 at Room XX, Palais des Nations.

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