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ICTR’s Annual Report Presented to the General Assembly

On Monday 10 October 2005, Judge Erik Møse, President of the ICTR, presented the Tribunal’s annual report to the General Assembly. Since the last report, the Trial Chambers have delivered judgements involving three accused and started five trials involving seven accused. As of today, judgements have been rendered or trials are in progress in respect of fifty-two accused.

The President stressed the importance of the fourth courtroom, which has facilitated the steady progress of the ten trials involving twenty-six accused that are on-going. He confirmed that the ICTR is on track to complete all trials by the end of 2008, as envisaged in Security Council Resolution 1503.

President Møse asked member states to contribute to the ICTR Completion Strategy by accepting transfer of trials to their jurisdictions and by arresting indictees at large. In order to respect the time-frames laid down by the Security Council, the Tribunal must continue to receive the necessary resources.

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