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High-profile judges from Rwanda visit the ICTR

At the invitation of the Registrar, Hon. Paul Ruyenzi and Fidelite Kanyange, judges at the Supreme Court and Hon. Marie Josee Mukandamage, Charles Gatwaza Gakunde, respectively Vice-President and Judge at the High Court visited the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, from the 24 th of September to the 1 st of October 2005 to get first-hand information on the work of the Tribunal.

The four judges visited the Tribunal as part of the effort to strengthen the cooperation between the Rwandan Judicial system and the Tribunal in what is called Appui Judiciaire to the Rwandese judicial bodies. The judges met with Senior Officials of the Tribunal including Messrs. Erik Møse, Hassan Bubacar Jallow and Adama Dieng, respectively President, Prosecutor and Registrar of the ICTR. They discussed a number of issues pertaining to the Completion Strategy and to the current challenges.

In this regard, ICTR officials informed the delegation that cases are going at a good pace. The judges also attended several Court Hearings and briefed ICTR officials on the restructuring within the judiciary system of Rwanda and on the ongoing legal reform in their country.

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