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Hearing of cases begin in the two courtrooms

The two Trial Chambers of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, today, Monday 29 September 1997, began to function simultaneously in two courtrooms. The Tribunal held hearings of defence motions in the cases against Anatole Nsengiyumva and George Anderson Rutaganda before Trial Chamber I, and resumed trial of the jointly charged Clement Kayishema and Obed Ruzindana before Trial Chamber 2.

The joint trial of Kayishema and Ruzindana before Trial Chamber 2, composed of Judge William Sekule, Presiding Judge, Judge Yakov Ostrovsky and Judge Taffazal Khan heard the 15th prosecution witness present pictures and a film of Mubuga Church in Kibuye prefecture where hundreds of men, women and children allegedly have been killed in April, 1994. Hearing of the case will continue tomorrow.

In the case of Anatole Nsengiyurnva, before Trial Chamber 1, the Defence presented two motions. The first was a motion seeking orders for protective measures for defence witnesses, their families and relatives. The second was a motion seeking orders for disclosure by the Prosecutor of all forms of evidence to be relied upon at the Trial

The Prosecution told the Chamber composed of Judge Laïty Kama, Presiding Judge, Judge Lennart Aspegren and Judge Navanethem Pillay, that it was going to request for a joint trial of Nsengiyumva with other accused. Judge Kama reminded the Prosecution to act quickly because the accused has been in detention for a long time.

The Chamber will hold a Status Conference tomorrow, and rule on the motions before fixing a trial date later .

The same trial chamber approved a request by accused Georges Rutaganda seeking to change his Lead Counsel, Luc De Temmennan for Tiphaine Dickson.

The Defence Counsel then filed an urgent motion to expunge the names of defence witnesses, arguing that the move was necessary because of the prevailing security situation in Rwanda and in the region. Ruling on the motion by the Defence will be made next week.

Meanwhile, hearing of the case will resume tomorrow when a Prosecution witness, a former senior military officer with UNAMIR, Captain Lemaire from Belgium, will give evidence before the court.

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