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Hassan Ngeze's indictment confirmed

Judge Lennart Aspegren of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, today confimed three counts out of four in the indictment of Hassan Ngeze, a former Editor in Chief of the Kangura newspaper. The Court also issued a warrant of arrest which was served to Mr. Ngeze, currently detained at the Tribunal's Detention Facility in Arusha.

The accused, arrested in Nairobi in mid-July this year, is charged with one count of Direct and Public Incitement to Commit Genocide, and two counts of Crimes Against Humanity. The charge of Genocide which was also presented by the Prosecutor was not confirmed by the Judge.

The Indictment alleges that Mr. Ngeze knowingly, with his consent and at his direction, published, and or allowed to be published, in Kangura certain materials which were used in the preparation of Genocide against Tutsis; incited to kill and/or cause serious bodily or mental harm to Tutsis; and persecuted Tutsis and certain Hutus.

In the afternoon, speaking to members of the local and international press, The Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunals (ICTR and ICTY) Judge Louise Arbour said that the workshop on Crimes of Sexual Violence which took place in Arusha over the weekend was very successful. She said following the workshop, she was hopeful more charges of sexual violence will be brought against suspects and the accused currently in detention and others who are yet to be arrested.

The workshop brought together investigators and lawyers from the Office of the Prosecutor in Kigali and The Hague, local and international Non Governmental Organisations in Rwanda and some experts in the field of investigation and prosecution of sexual violence cases.

Judge Arbour said the workshop had also established cooperation with NGOs which are in close contact with witnesses and victims of sexual violence in Rwanda during the 1994 killings, adding that this would enhance the work of the Tribunal.

The workshop looked into how best to structure the investigation system so as to achieve better results, and how to improve the relationship between an investigator and a witness or victim of sexual violence.


Meanwhile, witnesses continued to give testimony before the two Trial Chambers, in the cases of Clement Kayishema/ Obed Ruzindana; and George Anderson Rutaganda.

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