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"Friends of ICTR" visit Tribunal

A group of six diplomats from Dar-es-Salaam concluded discussions at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda on 1 June aimed at providing support to the Tribunal. Known as the “Friends of the ICTR”, the group was in Arusha for a briefing on the status of the Tribunal’s work and how the members might assist it in completing that work by 2008.

Tribunal officials including the President Judge Erik M ø se, the Prosecutor Mr. Hassan Bubacar Jallow and the Registrar Mr. Adama Dieng briefed the Friends about the ICTR completion strategy, ongoing investigations, tracking of indicted fugitives, referral of cases to national jurisdictions, the relocation of witnesses and their families, the status of acquitted persons, and the recruitment and retention of Tribunal staff.

The Friends promised to use their influence to assist the Tribunal and to garner more support for the specific needs identified during the meeting.

The group of visitors included: H.E. Dr. Andrew Pocock, British High Commissioner; H.E. Jorunn Maehlum, Ambassador of Norway; H.E. Dr. Andrew McAlister, High Commissioner of Canada; H.E. Emmanuelle d’Achon, Ambassador of France; H.E. Peter Maddens, Ambassador of The Kingdom of Belgium; Mr. Vincent Van Zist, Charg é d’Affaires , Embassy of The Netherlands.

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