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French parliamentary delegation visits ICTR

A delegation of the French Parliament's Mission d'information sur le Rwanda (Information Mission on Rwanda) today visited the ICTR and met with senior officials of the Tribunal. During the visit the delegation held talks with the Acting President of the Tribunal, Judge Yakov Ostrovsky, officials from the Prosecutor's office and a team of Defence lawyers. It also met with senior officials from the Office of the Registrar.

The delegation is part of a Mission set up by the French parliament to gather information on the genocide in Rwanda in 1994. Members of the delegation are Mr. Pierre Brana, Ms. Anne Frago and Mr. Didier Le Bot. The President of the Mission d' Information sur Le Rwanda is Mr. Paul Quiles.


Final Submissions in the Joint Trial of Clement Kayishema and Obed Ruzindana Set for 21 October 1998

The Prosecution in the case of The Prosecutor vs. Clement Kayishema and Obed Ruzindana will submit its final arguments before Trial Chamber lI on 21 October 1998. A final submission by the Defence will follow immediately afterwards.

A total of 52 Prosecution witnesses and 28 Defence witnesses have testified in the case which began on 7 April 1997. The last Defence witness was the accused, Clement Kayishema, who concluded testifying in his own behalf on 15 September 1998.

Mr. Kayishema, a former Bourgmestre of Kibuye and Mr. Ruzindana, a former businessman in Kibuye, are jointly charged with Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity, Violations of Article 3 Common to the Geneva Conventions and of Additional Protocol 3. They have pleaded "not guilty" to six joint counts, while Mr. Kayishema is separately charged with 18 other counts.


Princess Anne of England to Visit the Tribunal

Her Royal Highness Princess Anne, the daughter of the Queen of England, is scheduled to visit the ICTR on 26 September 1998. During her visit, the Princess will hold talks with senior officials of the Tribunal.


"First" Amicus Curiae Brief: A Correction

ICTR Press Release No.102 of 16 February 1998 entitled "Justice Minister of Belgium to Visit ICTR on 23 February 1998", stated that the amicus curiae (friend of the court) brief filed in the Bagosora case by the Belgian Government was the first time the amicus curiae procedure had been utilised in the Rwanda Tribunal. We erred. The first such brief in the Tribunal was filed on 27 May 1997 in The Prosecutor vs. Jean Paul Akayesu, by a group of international human rights organizations, including the International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development in Montreal, Canada and the NGO Coalition for Women's Human Rights in Conflict Situations. The error is regretted, and the support of these organizations for the work of the ICTR is very much appreciated.

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