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Bernard Ntuyahaga (former Major in the Rwanda Armed Force) released

The Registry of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda this morning released Major Bernard Ntuyahaga in accordance with the decision of Trial Chamber 1 dated 18 March 1999, in which the Chamber granted the Prosecutor's request to drop charges against Mr. Ntuyahaga. Following a written request by Ntuyahaga to be set free in Tanzanian territory, specifically in Dar es Salaam, he was released by the Tribunal in the Tanzanian capital.

It will be recalled that, shortly after the Trial Chamber's decision of 18 March, Ntuyahaga sent a written request to the Registry, seeking permission to remain temporarily in the Tribunal's detention facilities of his own free will pending the completion of arrangements to implement the court's decision. Ntuyahaga followed this up with an urgent motion, filed through his counsel, Mr. Georges Amegadjie, on 22 March and addressed to the Trial Chamber, requesting a stay of execution of the Chamber's decision ordering his immediate and unconditional release from the Tribunal's custody while he pursued an appeal against the Chamber's decision not to acquit him.

In a decision dated Friday 25 March 1999, the Chamber ruled that Ntuyahaga's request for a stay of execution was inadmissible and that its decision of 18 March should be executed. In its decision, the Chamber stipulated that, in the execution of its decision, the Registrar should take into account considerations that may arise, notably factors pertaining to the security of Bernard Ntuyahaga.

It should be noted that, with the implementation of the Trial Chamber's decision to release Ntuyahaga, there being no other charges against him at the ICTR as a consequence of the Prosecutor's withdrawal of the indictment against him, this matter is now closed as far as the Tribunal is concerned.

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