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Another high ranking accused transferred to ICTR custody

Dr. André Rwamakuba, a former minister of Education in Rwanda at the time of the genocide in 1994 was today transferred from Namibia to the ICTR's detention facility in Arusha. He was arrested in Windhoek, the Namibian capital, on 21 October 1998.

The accused is a medical doctor by profession. He is charged with the crimes of Direct and Public Incitement to commit Genocide, Genocide, Complicity in Genocide, Conspiracy to Commit Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity, and Serious Violations of Article 3 common to the 1949 Geneva Conventions and of Additional Protocol II thereto.

This arrest and transfer has been made possible by the cooperation of the Government of Namibia. “We thank the Namibian Government for its noteworthy assistance to the ICTR in its task of dispensing international justice", said the Registrar of the Tribunal, Mr. Agwu Ukiwe Okali in his confirmation of this development. “By this act of cooperation Namibia joins a growing list of countries that are helping to make possible the realisation of justice for Rwanda's genocide."

Dr. Rwamakuba is from Gikomero commune in Kigali-Rural prefecture in Rwanda. His arrest and transfer to Arusha brings to a total of 33 the number of individuals detained under the authority of the Tribunal. One of them is presently detained in Texas, U.S.A. So far two individuals have been convicted by the Tribunal and another joint trial of two accused persons is drawing to a close.


Rwanda parliamentarians visit ICTR

A delegation of the Rwandan National Assembly visited the ICTR in Arusha from 19-23 October 1998. The delegation comprised Alfred Mukezamfura, Jean Rwasamirere, Juvenal Hitamungu and Augustin Muvunyi. They met and held discussions with the President of the Tribunal, Judge LaÏty Kama and other judges and senior officials who briefed them extensively on the Tribunal's operations.

The Rwandan Legislators observed first-hand the various activities of the Tribunal, including the closing arguments of the Prosection in the joint trial Clément Kayishema/Obed Ruzindana. In a statement before their departure the head of the delegation Mr. Augustin Muvunyi told the Tribunal officials that, now that they had seen for themselves how the Tribunal actually worked, they were impressed by the effectiveness and efficiency of the ICTR, contrary to some prior reports they had seen in some media. Mr. Muvunyi also stated that his delegation now fully appreciated the difficulties and challenges the Tribunal faced, and the successes it had achieved, and affirmed that his delegation will take these realities back to the people of Rwanda. The Tribunal President, Judge Laïty Kama thanked the Rwanda delegation for their visit. "We are determined to continue pursuing vigorously our mandate of rendering justice for the Rwanda genocide", Judge Kama stated.

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