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Announcing the Death of Judge Cassese

The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda is deeply saddened by the death of Judge Antonio Cassese, former President of the Special Tribunal for the Lebanon, and renowned international jurist.

Judge Antonio Cassese had an extremely rich and productive career.  His many roles included being the first President of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia and judge for the Special Tribunal for Lebanon.  In the latter capacity he was elected President of the Tribunal.  His unprecedented work as a judge and scholar was crucial in the laying the foundation for International Criminal Law.

During the UN Day celebrations at the ICTR, President Khan paid a special tribute to Judge Cassese and remembered him as “a pioneer in our field, and leaves a lasting legacy as both a judge and a scholar.”  Through his groundbreaking work, Judge Cassese has inspired generations of jurists.

The Tribunal expresses its deep sympathy for the loss of Judge Antonio Cassese and honours his memory with renewed efforts towards the successful completion of its mandate. 

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