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Accreditation to cover the forthcoming trials

The dates for the trials of the three accused presently detained in Arusha have been set as follows:

Jean-Paul Akayesu - 26 September 1996

Georges Anderson Nderubumwe Rutaganda - 17 October 1996

Clément Kayishema  - 7 November 1996 (tentative date)

Journalists wanting to cover the trials are requested to send their name, function (TV reporter, photographer, radio journalist or other), name of the publication, radio or television they work for, on letterhead paper, and a passport photograph. Freelance journalists are requested to give the names of the publication, radio or TV they represent and send a letter from at least one of the publications, radios or TV.

Badges giving journalists access to the ICTR press gallery and to the press room will be issued and sent out before the trials get started.

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